Bundeswehr cutlery light version

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Bundeswehr cutlery light version

The silver-colored Bundeswehr cutlery is made of stainless steel. This practical field cutlery combines four indispensable functions. It consists of knife, fork, spoon and a bottle opener. Everything is put together and stowed away after the meal. The Bundeswehr Essbesteck saves a lot of valuable space in its lightweight imitation design and is always at hand when needed. The weight of 210 grams is barely noticeable. With the Bundeswehr cutlery in light version, the outdoor lover is perfect for every mealequipped.

Product Type: Besteck
Item condition: De nuevo
colour: hopea
material: ruostumatonta terästä
Dispatch weight: 0,21 Kg
EAN: 4251456302484

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